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Capital Palm Partners, Inc.


Capital Palm Partners has been serving the financial needs of credit borrowers and real estate investors for many years. Throughout our tenure, our financial firm has helped many A-C credit borrowers obtain loans  for a variety of purposes ranging from construction and development, large commercial real estate acquisitions, smaller investment property purchases for fix and or flip or buy and hold strategies, business financing, working capital and recreational loans for boats and RV's.

By offering a wide variety of loans and commercial mortgage options, we can assist our clients with different goals, different projects and credit challenges they may face. We are able to provide this service because we not only can fund loans directly, but we have also teamed up with other lending sources and financiers to maximize our portfolio of loan products to better assist you with your endeavors.  We call these lending sources our "Partners", which our name stems from. 


Comprehensive Approach


From Lending, Loan Structure, and loan support, our lending experts take their time to work with borrowers so that they can fully understand individual credentials, loan purpose, financial payments, goals, loan documentation, loan pricing and risk mitigation assessments; thus, providing both loan officer and loan counselor services. 

At Capital Palm Partners, we believe that people make all the difference at any company. That said, we hire loan originators with backgrounds in business banking, investment banking, retail banking, retail mortgage services, corporate finance, mortgage underwriting and more.  

Our people understand money on all levels ranging from your monthly payment to secondary market trading with commercial mortgage-back securities (CMBS), debt and equity financing and investment traunches. 

By taking the comprehensive approach on all levels, we can provide you, the customer, a company that was built for you.


Why Us?


At Capital Palm Partners, we created a business model that allows loan borrowers to have access to many types of loans atone place instead of constantly shopping around at many. This model also allows our personal relationship bankers to get to work with our customers on a long-term basis. 

When customers come to Capital Palm, they will never experience high broker fees. In fact, our customers will see little to no broker fees at all because our company has special arrangements with our PARTNERS to further allow our customers to benefit from our services. We don’t want to help you just once, we want to work with you for a lifetime. Furthermore, by establishing ourselves as “Bankers”, you will gain higher levels of trust in us when we demonstrate professionalism and integrity back to you. 

Customers will find loan products available for acquisitions and recapitalization of both debt and equity funds, as we utilize loan programs available through retail lending sources, private mortgage pools (Funds), credit default swaps (CDS) and more.


Loan Programs

Our portfolio of loan products is extensive

Recreation Funding

Boat Loans

RV  loans / Motor Homes

Non CRE (Commercial Real Estate):


Unsecured Business Loans

Working Capital Loans (factoring)

Real Estate Investor Loans:


Portfolio Loans

Blanket Loans

Hard Money

Bank Funding

Investment Banking Securitization 

Private Funds

Bridge Loans

CRE W or W/O a business - Non Bank

Primary & Secondary Market Lending

Alternative Lending (A-C Credit)

Private Commercial Lending

Hard Money

Bridge Loans

Real Estate Investment Loans

CRE with or W/O a business - Bank

CMBS - Commercial Mortgage Back Securities

REIT Loan Programs

FHA / HUD Loans

Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac

Investment Banks

Investment Property Loans


Conventional Bank Loan


The 6 C's of Commercial Lending

In Commercial Lending, bankers from around the world use the 6 C's of commercial mortgage lending to help in determining the eligibility of commercial loan application packages. Some non-bank lenders, private lenders, venture capitalists and hard money lenders may also refer to the 6 C's as well. Therefore, make sure you have your presentation fully ready when you go to apply for a loan.

The 6 C's of commercial lending are: 


Company’s capitalization, reserves, statement, net worth, etc.

Borrowers should demonstrate the ability to repay the loan.
Cash flow:

Borrowers should show a debt-service-coverage ratio of at least 1.30 and above

Borrower's character, integrity and professionalism.

Business analysis and valuation, as well as a feasibility study of competition and the marketplace.

Borrowers should provide a strong collateral consideration and other securities. 

Mortgages, Loans, Financing available for:

Some of our loans start at $10,000. Our Maximum ceiling is $150,000,000.

Not lending is all States. Please inquire within:

Auto Repair shop loan (Limited)

B & I (USDA) Rural loans

Boat loans, Yacht loans

Business Loans

Church loan

Commercial Real Estate property mortgage

Day Care Center loans

Debt Consolidation Loans

Development Projects, Ground Up Construction 

Doctor/ Veterinarian/ Dentist practices  

Dry Cleaner loan

Equipment loans

Funeral Home loan

Green Financing

Hair Salon Loan

Hotel Loans, Motel Financing

Industrial Complex Loan

Investment Property Loan 

Mixed Use Property Loan

Medical Facility Loan

Mixed Use Property loans

Mobile Home Park Loan

Multifamily Loan, Apartment Building financing

Office Building loan

Preferred Equity Loans ($10M+)

Retail Shopping Center loan

RV loan

Senior Debt financing

Senior Housing Loan

Small Balance Commercial Loans

Storage Facility Loan

Tractor Trailer Loan

Warehouse Loans

Working Capital


CRE loan documentation should include the following:

The project’s executive summary and history, 

Financial statements of the borrower and the business, 

Schedules of real estate owned, 

A summary page of any recent appraisals, 

Details of paid-to-date costs and costs to complete, and 

Pro forma cash flow. Other documents may be required as well.

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