B & I Loan (USDA)


Loans for Rural Areas

The B&I Guaranteed Loan Program improve, develop, or finance business, industry, and employment and improve the economic and environmental climate in rural communities. Projects are secured by a 1st Deed of Trust/Mortgage on General and Special Purpose commercial real estate, meeting USDA qualifications, having a maximum Loan to Value of 80%, depending on program parameters.  

Provide employment:

  • Improve the economic or environmental climate;
  • Promote the conservation, development, and use of water for aquaculture; or
  • Reduce reliance on nonrenewable energy resources by encouraging the development and construction of renewable energy systems.

Borrower eligibility is fundamental with a few disparities from the SBA; the borrowing entity must reside in a community (MSA) of 50M or less and the borrower must have tangible balance sheet equity at the loan closing of no less than 10 – 20% for existing businesses, 20% for new businesses, and 40% for energy or bio-based businesses.  

USDA B&I Eligible Use of Proceeds:

  • Purchase & development of land, easements, rights-of-way, buildings, or facilities.
  • Business conversion, enlargement, repair, modernization, or development.
  • Purchase of equipment, leasehold improvements, machinery or inventory.
  • To refinance existing business indebtedness that is not already structured with reasonable terms and conditions.
  • Business and industrial acquisitions when the loan will keep the business from closing, prevent the loss of employment opportunities.

Eligible Property Types: 

  • Office: Professional, Condominium, Medical, Dental and Veterinarian. Industrial: Heavy and Light Manufacturing, Warehouse and R&D Flex.
  • Retail: General.
  • Special Purpose: Assisted Living Facilities / Adult Care, Day Care Facilities, Restaurants, Funeral Homes and Hotels/Motels.
  • Maximum Loan Amount:  1st DOT/Mortgage – $4,000,000.  

Maturity and Amortization:  

  • Real estate – Up to 30 Years
  • Equipment acquisition – Up to 15 Years
  • Permanent working capital – Up to 7 Years

Maximum LTV: 

  • Real estate – Up to 80% LTV
  • Equipment acquisition, Permanent working capital & debt refinancing up to 60%    
  • LTC fully collateralized.

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Bridge Loans & Hard Money Loans $1M+


Hard Money Loans

  • Loan Size: $1 Million - $50 Million
  • Term: Up to 5 years.
  • Prepayment: None
  • Loan To Value: Up to 75%.
  • Rates:From 9% per annum.
  • Fees: As low as 3%.
  • Collateral: Real estate and liquid assets.
  • Property Types:
    Multifamily, Condo, Office, Retail, Hotel,
    Industrial, Mixed-use, Land. 

Bridge Loans

  • Loan Amount: $5 million +
  • Loan Term: 1 to 3 years.
  • Amortization:  Case-by-case basis. 
  • Min. DSCR: 1.10 “As Is”; 1.20 – 1.25 /exit
    Lower DSCRs considered if payment supported by pre-funded interest reserves or guarantees
  • LTV: Up to 80%
  • LTC:  80% as measured by new cash equity in the transaction
  • Interest Rate: Generally 6-9%
  • Recourse:  Standard carve-outs
  • Eligible Properties: Multifamily, office, retail, industrial, hospitality and student housing projects located in strong markets with positive demographic, population and employment trends
  • Tax & Insurance Escrows: Deposits Req.
  • Reserves: Monthly deposits required
  • Recourse: Non-recourse
  • Prepayment  Generally permitted 

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Bridge Loan & Hard Money Application

 Please submit all documents to corporate@capitalpalm.com 

Business Loans (Unsecured)

Business Paperwork

Unsecured Business Loans $50k -$2,000,000

1) Business - Short term 10 month loan payments (ACH) deducted weekly. Ideal for payroll or maximizing a current order to fulfill.  

2) Business 1-3 year loans with added UCC Lien on Real Estate owned  

3) Individual - either scenario 1 or 2 may or may not be offered.  

Required Documents: Label all docs and make sure they are legible PDF's. NO PICTURES

  • Voided Check  
  • Application - sign with a pen and date  
  • Business License  
  • Last 6 months business statements  
  • AR / AP reports  
  • 8821 Tax guard (Sign with a pen)  
  • 2 Years Business and personal tax returns (and extensions)  
  • Authorization   
  • Driver's license (front and back)  


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Business Loan Application Required Forms

Please submit loan application and documents to: corporate@capitalpalm.com  

Church Loans


Loans for Churches

Minimum Church Loan Starts at $75k

As churches provide an important foundation for people to practice their religious beliefs, they also require permanent and or construction financing to help establish a place of worship for the congregation. At Capital Palm Partners, our consultants are experienced in helping churches obtain the financing they need. And with our loans starting at $300,000, we have the ability to help both small and large churches within the United States. 

General Underwriting Guidelines

  • Minimum loan amount: $75,000
  • Maximum loan amount: no greater than 2X annual revenues
  • Minimum weekly attendance: 250
  • Sources and uses summary
  • Last three years' audited financial statements
  • Most recent internal financial statements
  • Current years' budget
  • Construction plans and budget

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Church loan Application

Please submit all documents to corporate@capitalpalm.com



Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

  • Loan Amount: $5,000,000 – $250,000,000​
  • Loan Term: 5-10 Years
  • Amortization: Interest only of up to 10 years in select instances with amortization (if any) typically 30-Years.
  • Minimum DSCR: 1.25x
  • Maximum LTV: Up to 80% of appraised value
  • Interest Rate: Competitive, typically swap-based pricing.
  • Eligible Property Types: Multifamily, mobile home park, office, retail, industrial, hotel, self-storage, garage, and other similar property types
  • Eligible Markets: All U.S. markets
  • Eligible Borrower: Special-purpose entity required.
  • Reserves: Tax, Insurance, Retenanting Costs and Replacement Reserves typically required.
  • Recourse: Permitted after a typical lock-out period, subject to defeasance. 
  • Yield Maintenance: available at premium pricing.
  • Prepayment: Monthly deposits required.
  • Assumability: Permitted subject to lender approval and an assumption fee.
  • Security: First-lien mortgage
  • Processing Fee & Expense: Deposit Typically, $15,000-$20,000 processing fee. Expense deposit adequate to cover third-party reports, legal fees and other customary costs.
  • Origination Fee: generally one
  • In-place Subordinate Debt If provided by affiliate and structured in accordance with CMBS standards.
  • Future Subordinate Debt May be allowed in accordance with CMBS standards.

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Fannie Mae DUS


Fannie Mae Multifamily DUS

Fannie Mae's Multifamily communities have relied on Fannie Mae's Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS®) program to provide rental property financing by means of leveraging capital funds, risk-sharing, and providing outstanding asset management.

Capital Palm Partners markets the DUS program for our direct DUS Approved lending institutions, who already adhere to rigorous credit and underwriting standards and submit to Fannie Mae's ongoing credit review and monitoring. Our lending partner will underwrite, close, deliver, and service loans for Fannie Mae under the DUS Guidelines. 

Through the DUS family of available loan programs, multifamily borrowers have optional loan programs to better suit their needs. These programs allow borrowers to select from Green Financing, Small loan financing, Senior Housing financing, Student Housing, Affordable Housing, Manufactured Housing, Cooperative Housing and more, which are available for either the purchase or refinancing of a qualified multifamily property.

Fannie Mae Student Housing

DUS® Student Housing product provides attractive terms and competitive prices for the purchase or refinance of properties that, because of construction and location, specifically cater to a student tenant base that may or may not be readily convertible to conventional multifamily housing. 

Fannie Mae Senior Housing

Seniors Housing Financing provides financing options for properties that provide Independent Living (IL), Assisted Living (AL), Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care (ALZ), or any combination. 

Green Financing

Fannie Mae Multifamily suite of green financing solutions includes options for acquisition, refinance, and supplemental financing. Green financing solutions create a “triple bottom line” by supporting increased cash flows, better quality housing, and reduced energy and water usage.

Multifamily Affordable Housing

DUS® MAH product provides flexible terms for acquisition or refinance of multifamily projects nationwide which qualify as affordable housing. Eligible properties are those that participate in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, are encumbered by a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract or participate in the Section 8 program (either through vouchers or direct payments). 

Manufactured Housing

DUS ARM 7-4 product offers a 7-year variable-rate financing option with an embedded cap, and fixed-rate conversion option for  properties with 5 to 50 units and Multifamily Affordable Properties of any size.

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FHA Multifamily & Healthcare Loans


HUD's FHA Mortgage Insurance

HUD’s FHA mortgage insurance programs for long-term, non-recourse financing for market-rate and affordable apartments and cooperatives, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and seniors housing; giving you the flexibility of the FHA multifamily loan programs on an expedited basis and financing can be secured for acquisitions, refinancing, moderate rehabilitation, substantial rehabilitation or new construction. 

FHA 221(d)(4)

FHA-insured, long-term, fixed-rate financing for new construction or substantial rehabilitation of multifamily projects nationwide. 

FHA 223

223(f) Refinance of Section 202:   FHA-insured, long-term, fixed-rate financing for refinance or moderate renovation of existing Section 202 projects nationwide. 

FHA 223 (a)(7):   FHA streamline refinancing of existing FHA-insured multifamily and healthcare loans nationwide. 

FHA 223(f):   FHA-insured, long-term, fixed-rate financing for refinance, acquisition or moderate renovation of multifamily projects nationwide.

Health Care Financing through FHA

Designed for Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care / Memory Care, Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers, CCRC's and Hospitals. 

  • FHA 223(a)(7)
  • FHA 232
  • FHA 232 pursuant to 223(f)
  • FHA 241(a)

FHA 232

FHA 232:   FHA-insured, long-term, fixed-rate financing for new construction or substantial rehabilitation of assisted living, congregate care and nursing home facilities nationwide.

 232 pursuant to 223(f):   FHA-insured, long-term, fixed-rate financing for refinance, acquisition or moderate renovation of assisted living and nursing facilities nationwide.

FHA 241(a)

Designed to finance repairs, additions and improvements to multifamily properties and healthcare facilities with existing FHA-insured first mortgages.​ 

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Freddie Mac Small Balance Loans



 Whether you need a small or large loan, Freddie Mac's, flexible and, above all, personalized Program Plus® platform can provide the innovative multifamily financing you need to take advantage of today’s dynamic market, including such unique features as interest-only provisions and an ability to work beyond your operational obstacles to close on the loan that works best for your investment.   

Small Loan

Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan program streamlines the entire loan process for multifamily acquisition and refinancing loans ranging from $1 million to $5 million.

Small Loan Co-op

Financing for the refinance of small balance loans (SBLs) cooperatives (co-ops), providing liquidity, stability, and certainty of execution to the affordable rental housing market nationwide.

Senior Housing

Senior Housing Loan offers flexible loan terms for variety of seniors housing property types. Minimum loan $5,000,000.

Student Housing

Student Housing product provides attractive terms and competitive prices for the purchase or refinance of properties that, because of construction and location, specifically cater to a student tenant base and may or may not be readily convertible to conventional multifamily housing. Minimum loan $5,000,000.

Moderate Rehab

Flexible liquidity source for properties undergoing significant renovation. It is a highly customized solution for borrowers experienced in completing moderate rehabilitation deals and allows for a wide variation in borrower term and structure needs.

Cooperative Apartments

Blanket mortgage financing for cooperative multifamily housing through Freddie Mac.

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Investment Property Loans


Fix & Flip

 Single Family Homes or Multifamily 

  • Loan Purpose: Buy, rehab and sell
  • Interest Rate: 6.99% and up
  • Loan Amount: $100k -$2.5MM
  • Term: 12 months with optional extensions
  • Borrower Type:LLC, LLP, Corp, Individual (restrictions apply)
  • Max LTV: 75% ARV (After Repair Value)
  • Max LTC (Cost is purchase amount): 90%
  • LTC vs. LTV: which ever is less will be used
  • Rehab/Construction Financing:  up to 95%; max 75% ARV
  • Property Types: Non-Owner Occupied on SFR, 2-4 units, Condos, Town homes, Multifamily 5-20 units)

Buy and Hold - Single Asset Only

 Loan Purpose: SFR Purchase, Refinance or take Cash Out  

  • Interest Rate: 6.50% - 9.00%  
  • Loan Amount: $100k -$1.5MM  
  • Minimum Property Value: $134k  
  • Borrower Type: LLC or Individual (State restrictions apply)  
  • Max LTV: Time Owned Constraint  

  1. < 90: 80% LTC
  2. > 90 days: Full Appraised value  

  • Max LTC (Cost is purchase price amount):  

  1. < 90 days: 80% LTC  
  2. > 90 days: Full appraised value  

  • LTC vs. LTV: which ever is less will be used  

  1. Purchase: Use lesser of LTV or LTC calculation
  2. Refinance: Use LTC until property has seasoned for 90 days, then use LTV  

  • Cash Flow Requirement:   

  1. $150k Value: Max 70% Property Debt-to-Income Ratio (PDTI)
  2. > $150k value: Max 85% PDTI​  

  • Property Types: Non-Owner Occupied on SFR, 2-4 units, Condos, Town homes

Portfolio Loans

 Loan Purpose: Take cash out of an existing portfolio to buy more properties, or to Refinance or consolidate multiple rental loans

  • Interest Rate: 5.50% - 7.50%  
  • Loan Amount: $700k +  
  • Minimum Property Value: $134k; $30k Multifamily  
  • Term: 5 or 10 years w/ balloon due. Option to amortize to 30 yrs with interest-only option available
  • Borrower Type: LLC   
  • Max LTV: 75% LTV for fully amortized loans; 70% for Interest Only  
  • Max LTC (Time owned constraint):   
  • < 90 days: 80% LTC  
  • > 90 days: Full appraised value  
  • LTC vs. LTV: which ever is less will be used  
  • Purchase: Use lesser of LTV or LTC calculation  
  • Refinance: Use LTC until property has seasoned for 90 days, then use LTV  
  • Cash Flow Requirement: Fully amortized Debt Service 1.15; I/O = 1.20x  
  • ​Property Types: Non O/O on SFR, 2-4 units, Condos, Town homes, Multifamily.​


  • Min. Credit Score is: 620 fix-n-flip; 660 buy-n-hold
  • Application fees will be applied when applicable
  • New 15 year F-n-F loan. 8.99-11.99% 3-4 points. 80% purchase + up to 100% rehab. Limited to only FL, MD, WA, NY, NJ, MO, OH, AK, TX and VA

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